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What is yoga? Part 2: The roots of yoga.

Yoga is a cessation of the vibrations of the mind, as it is stated in the Yoga Sutras. The author of the Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali, says that only when our mind becomes quiet and serene can we taste the true fruits of the yoga practice, such as inner balance, love, compassion, happiness, and joy. Even if we do not set such high goals for ourselves while practicing yoga, this is what we are acquiring when we focus on the present moment and observe our sense of self here and now.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that can be translated both as "union" and as "to unite". Patanjali says that yoga is both a state and an action aimed at achieving this state. The state of yoga is when the practitioner is no longer under the control of an uncontrolled stream of thoughts but experiences a union with a higher consciousness that transcends the limits of the personal ego. This transcendental and undoubtedly spiritual state is sometimes called enlightenment. Yoga practice consists of specific techniques designed to awaken this enlightenment state. It is directly related to the development of awareness, because only with an unshakable and one-pointed mind can we achieve self-realization.

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