The main goal of Yoga is to unite Body, Mind, and Breath, in other words, to unite the Physical and Subtle bodies through Breathing. 

During my yoga classes, you will always be reminded to connect breathing with asanas, which will ensure the best rejuvenation of your body. The meditation at the beginning of the class will help you to better connect to your body, return to your inner center, and stay present while doing yoga.




A Hatha Yoga class lead by Anastasia and held by Heal One World - a non-profit orgaization that provides donation-based wellness classes to the community.


Whether you are looking for:
- improving your body's strength, balance, and flexibility, 
- achieving relaxation and better sleep, 
- increasing energy and achieving brighter moods,
- better managing with stress,
Private classes are right for you! We will set up intentions, and work towards them by benefiting the body, mind, and spirit during the Yoga classes. 

A short Reiki session is optional at the end of the class if you are interested in allowing your body to heal and balance itself with this universal healing energy.

Costs* (per 60 mins Private Class):

- $60 outside in a Burton Chace Park

- $60 online via Zoom

- $110 in a private yoga studio (Marina Del Rey area)

* Subscription discount prices are available. 

If you are interested in a Private Class, email me at for details or send a message at +1 818 288 5743. 


I attended Anastasia’s Hatha Yoga classes. A class generally runs for about 1 hr. Anastasia simply made me fall in love with doing Yoga. The class focuses on details of every pose with guided breathing practices all blended in the same yoga session. Anastasia is also a wonderful teacher as she always makes suggestions and is also willing to take a step back so that you can improve on your yoga asanas and be a better more aware self. I highly recommend this class for both beginner and advanced yoga lovers.