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The wonderful magic of gratitude

The life of each person is very different, and that uniqueness is truly valuable. We all learn something new every day, master new skills, gain new knowledge, experience different feelings and emotions. Fortunately, not only happy moments take place in our life. Why fortunately, you ask? Because we grow through difficulties. We grow stronger through overcoming, finding a way out, solving challenges, applying creativity. In addition, through difficulties, we learn to appreciate moments of happiness and joy. The happy moments become valuable when there is something to compare them with.

Every day we are faced with both positive and negative situations. How to keep inner peace and happiness despite external circumstances? There are many techniques and methods to do so, but today I would like to focus on the magical practice of gratitude.

What is the practice of gratitude? This is an acceptance of both positive and negative aspects of life, a conscious choice to appreciate life in all its manifestations and be especially grateful for the positive moments. In the life of each of us, there is a huge number of situations or aspects for which we can be sincerely grateful! For a cup of coffee in the morning, for our home, for food, for the sun, for our friends and family, for the fact that we live. The more you realize this, grow the energy of gratitude within yourself, the more joyful moments you will have in your life! Try it!

How to practice gratitude?

First, you can use a gratitude journal. Buy a special notebook or create a file on your computer and every day, for at least 21 days, before going to bed, write down 10 points, for which you are grateful today.

Secondly, when waking up in the morning and before getting out of bed, in your mind, you can express gratitude for what you already have and what is valuable to you.

Third, be mindful throughout the day, be mindful of what is happening around you, and how you feel about that. In the morning, set up your intention to be mindful and find at least 10 aspects throughout the day that you are grateful for.

Once you begin to consciously practice gratitude, you will start to find what you are truly grateful for much faster and more easily! It will become a habit that will help you both in difficult situations (you will overcome them much easier) and in moments of happiness (you will really appreciate them).

Are you practicing gratitude? Share your experience! Your comments and feedback are very valuable and very welcome.


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