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How does the process of awakening begin?

From establishing a profound connection with the body.

Feeling the body is an innate ability, but some people lose it with age.

Let's do a little test: now, when you scroll through the Instagram feed and read this text, are you aware of your body? Do you feel sensations in your body? Is your body comfortable in the position it is in right now? Maybe your body is thirsty or hungry. Or your body wants to get up and stretch. Or perhaps your body wants you to put on your running shoes now and go for a run?

How often do you pay attention to your body? Mostly, people live in their heads and thoughts and rarely pay attention to their bodies, as well as their emotions and feelings. At the same time, it is impossible to truly know and feel yourself without having contact with the body.

What are the practices that help to establish a stronger and deeper connection with the body?

- Breathing techniques

- Yoga, qigong

- Meditation with a focus on sensations in the body

- Directing attention to the feet, feeling connected with the Earth

- Dancing, expression of emotions through movement

- Singing, expression of emotions through voice

Be sensitive to yourself and give sincere care and attention to your body - and it will answer you with gratitude and health!

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