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A diet that changes lives

Some time ago I got introduced to an amazing nutrition system created by Medical Medium. This system helps people understand how the body functions and how we can restore our health by consciously choosing the right foods to eat. Medical Medium emphasizes the importance of regular cleansing of our bodies and systems. Thus, our immune system will become much stronger, and other systems will begin to function normally and efficiently.

Medical Medium offers a variety of cleansing systems to accommodate different preferences, as well as great recipes to help restore health. For example, he recommends drinking water with lemon juice every morning, followed by celery juice to cleanse and replenish the body with essential nutrients.

The recipes he recommends include nutritious vegetables and fruits and reduce fatty foods that only hinder the natural cleansing process. If you want to learn more about this system, I recommend reading the book called “Cleanse to Heal”.

By the way, I am not the kind of person who likes to cook. I would rather study after my workday until 12 am than cook. But after reading the Medical Medium books, I was inspired to cook healthy food and help my body go through life's situations in a much healthier state! Today I made a very tasty Potato Cauliflower Soup and felt like a hero! If you want to check out the recipe, go here!

Be healthy and happy!


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