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Solo-tasking meditation

We all try to do accomplish a lot of tasks during the day, often practicing “multi-tasking”. We perform one task and at the same time are thinking about another. Mostly during the day, we are not present (except for moments of our special focus on something important).

Take a moment and reflect on your level of being present and mindful during a regular day. If you rate this level from 0 to 10, what rate would you grant yourself? If the rate is higher than 8 - congratulations! You are the master of mindfulness and focus! And I would be happy to talk to you about how you achieve it!

If your mindfulness level is not very high, and you would like to be present more often, I would like to share with you one practice. I call it "Solo tasking meditation" (as opposed to multitasking, which we already perform during a day anyway 😊).

In the morning after waking up, set up the intention to be present and mindful at least three times throughout the day. You can even set yourself an alarm: so, every time it rings, pay attention to what you are doing.

Answer to yourself:

- where you are in the present moment,

- what is around you,

- how your body feels,

- what emotions and feelings you are experiencing,

- what you are thinking about.

Practicing "Solo tasking meditation" will help you discover new magic in regular actions you perform every day. For example, you could better enjoy the taste of your food without being distracted from your phone. You can appreciate the smell of your morning coffee much more if you drink it mindfully. You may notice that your body does not feel very comfortable at the computer when you give it proper attention and adjust it as necessary.

If the moment of "solo-tasking meditation" caught you while cooking, completely immerse yourself in this process, listen to smells, tastes, sounds, be grateful for having all the necessary ingredients for cooking. Or if the “solo-tasking meditation" caught you while reading, ask yourself: Do I like this book? What do I feel when I read it? Am I focused while reading or my mind is wandering too often?

I recommend starting to practice solo-tasking meditation three times per day. Gradually, you can increase the number of practices up to five or ten times a day. And if you do it for 21 days, you will notice that your level of mindfulness has increased, and you might not even need an alarm clock anymore 😊

Try the Solo-tasking meditation and you will learn a lot more about yourself and the external world.

Be happy!

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