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Self-Love starts with Self-Care

How to start to love yourself? Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves, even harder than on others. We might blame ourselves, be angry at ourselves, or be upset. This is everything except self-love and compassion. To develop the self-love habit, we can start with self-care.

Take a pause for a moment and ask yourself a question: “What do I really need - right now- that I can give to myself?”

And listen carefully. For example, you hear “I need a cup of water”. Now you are listening to yourself! Whatever the answer, try to find a way to fill yourself up with that desire. It might be a desire to go for a walk to take fresh air, go to sleep earlier today, do a few yoga asanas, meditate for a few minutes, or eat a healthy meal.

After you fulfill the desire, ask yourself a deeper question: “What do I think my desire would bring me”? If your desire was to get a massage, then, you might hear that your true need is relaxation.

Then, become creative: make a list of 5 things that relax you.

A list might include:

- listening to relaxation music,

- light some candles,

- watch a sunset,

- soak your feet in hot water,

- take some deep breaths outside, etc.

Anything can be on your list, however silly or creative it may be! The goal here is self-care through your true need – relaxation. Your next step is to do one of those things and focus on relaxation.

Self-care ultimately leads to self-love and is one of those investments that will pay you back for the rest of your life. Take care of yourself!

Stay healthy and loved.

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