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How to show love for yourself: 5 simple ideas

Sometimes taking care of yourself is the hardest thing - most of the time it seems that we do not have the time and energy to take care of ourselves. Or it is not clear what exactly to do. Below are five simple ideas that you can follow to show love for yourself.

1. Set the mood for a new day

In the morning after waking up ask yourself "How am I?" "How do I feel?" Talk to yourself like your best friend. If the first thing you do is grab your phone and check social media accounts, then you don't give yourself the opportunity to connect with yourself. Make that connection, be grateful, and set your intention for the new day.

2. Find 5 minutes in the morning for meditation

If you say that you will start meditating when there is more time, you are unlikely to start. Time is usually allocated for something important, and if now you do not find time for something, then this is not a priority for you. If you want to start meditating, start today. You will find 5 minutes if that is important for you.

3. Be honest with yourself

Mindfulness creates space for honesty, in all its forms. This means that we take responsibility for our decisions and their consequences. This means that we listen to ourselves and know how to say "no" when necessary.

4. Look at yourself with kindness

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. At the same time, usually, we tend to scold ourselves for mistakes, forgetting to praise for achievements. Be kinder to yourself, show attention to yourself, reward yourself for success, and be grateful for mistakes, because thanks to them we grow.

5. Find time for yourself only

Just because we are needed by family, friends, and colleagues does not mean that we forget about ourselves. Time for rest and relaxation is vital - without it, the risk of burnout is high. Walking, yoga, meditation, reading - anything that makes you feel better is worth doing. Only when you are full of love yourself, you can share it with others.

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