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How to connect with your true self? Meditation "I AM"

To find your true self, you need to look deep within yourself. Listen and feel with the intention to understand: who am I? Forget about all the definitions, explanations, and interpretations that you have heard from others. Penetrate only into your own inner knowledge.

Begin by saying out loud, "I AM." Repeat several times. Feel how you respond to this.

"I AM" are truly magical words. They instantly connect you to your deepest essence. They proclaim the truth that you are not only a body, not only appearance and age, not only a native of a city and a representative of a profession. By saying "I AM" you are declaring that you are the whole world, you are the Universe, and you really exist here and now. You feel in the present moment, and at the same time in the eternity and infinity of the Universe.

Do not try to look for explanations, do not try to understand it with a logical mind. When you feel it, no explanation is needed.

Meditation: I AM

Take any comfortable, relaxed position, and close your eyes. Imagine looking inside yourself. You can feel the presence of a certain inner space - and this is not space inside the body, it is also outside the body. Say to yourself "I AM". Repeat “I AM” two or three times. Feel where some semblance of a response to these words arises inside you as if some deep point in the inner space resonates with them. Focus on this point. Say a few more times (still to yourself, not aloud): "I AM." Feel how support appears inside you - the center of your being. Say "I AM" to yourself and focus on the point of support until the feeling of the center becomes clear.

Imagine that you are getting deeper in this support, in this center. Notice how it feels. If you feel peace and balance, then you are doing everything right.

Spend as much time in this meditation as needed. No need to hurry. Do it daily, several times a day, two, three, five days in a row, or a week. But do not try too hard. Excessive efforts sometimes block the results. Look at this meditation as an experiment from which you do not expect anything at all. The result often comes just when we do not expect it.

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