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Healing power of meditation

Hello Friends! I am sure that you know how valuable and beneficial meditation is to us. There are many types of meditations that reduce stress levels, improve the emotional state, and help us better sleep. Meditations with visualization elements are especially valuable, as, in addition to relaxing and restoring us, they very carefully fill us with states of joy, harmony, calmness, thus healing not only our current emotional state, but sometimes they are able to heal even the period of our early childhood.

I am starting a Relaxation Meditation series with some elements of visualization and guided imagery to deepen the relaxation and healing process. The first meditation I want to share with you is called a “Peaceful Place”. Each of us has its own sacred peaceful place within - a place of calmness, stability, safety, and balance. This place has all the resources we need to support us in our daily lives, to help us succeed. Most of the time we are too busy to even notice this peaceful place within us and appreciate it, so it stays unattended. In this meditation, I will guide you to your peaceful place, so that you can stay there as long as you want, fill up with all the resources and emotional states of stability and peace that you need in your daily life.

You can listen to the “Peaceful Place” Meditation either on my website under "Meditations" or on my YouTube channel "Yoga with Anastasia".

You are welcome to share your comments or questions regarding the meditation below or by sending me a direct message.

More meditations to come!

Be healthy and happy!


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