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Five principles of yoga

The classic yoga guide, developed by the Sivananda Yoga Center, contains five key principles of yoga practice. Following them will help you move beyond yoga postures and gradually become aware of small changes in your approach to life.

I would like to share with you these five principles:

Principle # 1: Proper Relaxation. Living with a relaxed mind and body is our natural state, which the rhythm of life made us forget about. The state of our body and mind are interconnected - when your muscles are relaxed, so does your mind. Techniques such as meditation or Shavasana (corpse pose) can help you relax during the day or before you go to sleep.

Principle #2: Proper Exercise. Yoga postures or asanas work systematically on all parts of your body - stretching and toning the muscles, keeping the spine and joints flexible, and improving blood circulation. Practice Sun Salutations and other sequences of asanas every day for 10-15 minutes and see how your body feels!

Principle #3: Proper Breathing. Full breathing, when we use all of our lungs, not just parts of them, when we increase oxygen consumption, is critical to our body's health and even our mood and energy. Yogic breathing exercises or pranayama help energize your body by regulating the flow of breathing.

Principle #4: A Proper Diet. A complete and balanced diet with lots of natural foods is important to our health. It gives the body energy and a strong immune system.

Principle #5: Positive Thinking and Meditation. Practicing meditation for 10 minutes each day helps you control your mind and thoughts, as well as your emotions.

The essence and goal of practicing yoga is self-realization, towards which we all gradually develop every day. These simple principles will help you on your way to achieving this goal.

Be happy!


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