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Drawing Practice: Bridge to a Dream

We create our reality through our inner states. No wonder they say: "If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself." And it's not about external changes - changing hairstyles, changing jobs, or places of residence. All external changes are only consequences of internal changes. And without internal work on oneself, external changes will be only temporary.

How can we change our inner states to change our reality? Through the subconscious and connection with the inner world. There are many techniques for working with the subconscious, including meditation, art therapy, metaphorical associative cards, neurographic art, and so on. Today I want to share with you one simple and very effective drawing practice, which is called "Bridge to a Dream".

Our subconscious does not understand the language of words, but it perfectly understands the language of symbols and images. Therefore, when we draw on paper something that we dream about, we show our subconscious where we want to go and we connect with those inner states that correspond to the inner states of when a dream is already fulfilled.

If you do not like to draw or think that you draw poorly, then remember yourself as a child who was open to everything new and was not afraid of criticism and condemnation from the outside world. Allow yourself to try something new that you haven't done in a while or do something that just isn't perfect! And look what comes out of it. 😊

Drawing Practice: Bridge to a Dream

1. Find a quiet, comfortable place to practice.

2. Take blank sheets, colored pencils, or paints.

3. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your dream. Feel it, live it within yourself.

4. Open your eyes. Mentally divide the sheet into two parts and draw on the left side an image of where you are now.

5. Then on the right side draw an image of your dream - what you are striving for.

6. And now it's time for the most important part - to draw the Bridge to your dream. Draw this bridge - perhaps it will be wooden, or maybe stone, or any other type (magical 😊).

7. If you don't like something in a drawing, you can redraw it anytime.

8. Now look at your final drawing. Now your subconscious, through the symbols and images in the drawing, “knows” what you are striving for. Your dream has already materialized on paper, a road has been built between the current and the future states.

Now give time and space for the world to make your dream come true!

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