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What we see in others is a reflection of ourselves

It took me quite a while to understand and accept the fact that what we see in others is a direct reflection of ourselves. Whether we admire the positive qualities of others or we see their negative character traits, it is all a mirror of ourselves. In others, we see a reflection of our good and bad sides, which we may not notice in ourselves or are not yet ready to accept them.

This can be interpreted in another way: people and their opinions about us do not define our true nature. Every word, phrase, or thought of others about us is simply a reflection of themselves, their hopes, thoughts, worries. What people think of us has nothing to do with who we truly are.

Knowing and accepting this is important on our life journey and allows us to get rid of all labels and truly know ourselves. When we know who we really are, when we know our strengths and weaknesses, when we accept both positive and negative sides, we allow ourselves to be ourselves, make mistakes, be different from others, go our own unique way, have views and beliefs that are different from others and to speak freely about them. Self-love is when we fully accept ourselves as we truly are. When self-love is achieved, then can we love and accept others unconditionally. Achieving self-acceptance and self-love takes time and effort, but the path to be followed is totally worth it.

Accept and love yourself.

Be happy!

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