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What does it mean to be yourself and be free?

We communicate with each other every day - with friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, passers-by. We complement each other, but at the same time, we might depend on each other (or put ourselves in dependence). Does our perception of ourselves depend on the opinions of others? Are we trying to change ourselves in order to adapt to others? Do we accept ourselves as we are?

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly. If inside you there is a clear confident feeling of accepting yourself as you are, regardless of the opinions of others - congratulations! You are autonomous and independent, and I am very happy for you! If your inner voice answers that you are still on the way to full acceptance of yourself, then I am also happy for you since you are on the right path to gaining independence!

I want to share one wonderful technique that helps people to gain trust in themselves, the belief that each of us is free to choose his own path independently, without regard to the opinions of others. Of course, we can be grateful to them for their opinions and concern about us, but freedom of choice, the final decision, as well as responsibility for it, is always only ours.

The technique is called "I am." At first glance, it seems very simple, but it is very effective. Take a notebook and a pen. Choose a quiet, comfortable place. You can turn on meditative music and light a scented candle. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. When you feel that your mind and body are calm, tell yourself: "I am." Feel this moment. "I am" means that I exist, that I am an autonomous and independent being, which itself creates its own life and its own happiness.

Open your eyes and start writing the words "I am" in your notebook. Write in a line as you like. Write mindfully, putting self-love and self-acceptance into every word. It is recommended to write the phrase "I am" at least 500 times to truly consolidate the magical effect of this practice. You can interrupt the practice, if necessary, and return to it the next day.

Try it! And describe your feelings after this practice in the comments. If you have questions about the practice or want to share other practices for self-acceptance and independence - please write about them here!

Be happy!

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