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Thinking about inner peace and stability

In moments of difficulties and changes, a deep understanding of oneself and firm inner stability are very important. As I wrote in previous posts, everything external arises from our internal moods, desires, ideas. Knowledge of ourselves, a clear understanding of what we want, where we are going, and why are the basis of our happiness. To become masters of our lives self-development and self-knowledge are important. Today I would like to write a few thoughts that might help you on your path to knowing yourself and obtaining inner peace and stability.

1. You are unique and valuable

Each of us is unique. Do not compare yourself and your life with others - everyone has their own, absolutely unique path, their own life lessons. And the life of absolutely every person is beautiful in its own way, it is not worse and not better than the life of other people, it is unique and therefore valuable. Get to know your uniqueness, accept it, appreciate it, and develop it. Accepting your uniqueness is a manifestation of self-love and a big step towards achieving inner happiness.

2. Trust yourself and believe in yourself

Trust yourself, your desires, and the aspirations of your soul - listen to yourself. Each of us already has all the answers to all our questions inside - learn to listen to them, to your body and emotions. If you have a great desire to do something big in this life, but your mind is full of doubts - do not hesitate, follow your heart, work with the doubts, and you will succeed! New opportunities come in response to our actions. Believe in yourself and go ahead!

3. Life is an experience and a field for creativity

We all live on our planet for a reason - each of us has our own tasks that we carry out throughout our lives. We make plans, set goals, dream, strive for the best. At some moments, everything conceived is carried out easily and simply, and some aspects of life cause difficulties. Both happy and difficult moments deserve our sincere gratitude, as thanks to these moments we grow and develop. With conscious work on oneself, difficulties can be overcome, and the first step here is acceptance and gratitude. Life is an experience and a field for creativity, where we learn every day and grow stronger. It deserves our gratitude.

Be happy!

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