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Rewriting Technique - Practice

Often, our beliefs are only a consequence of our reactions to certain events in life. Negative beliefs are the result of resentment when our minds interpreted situations in such a way that we felt misunderstood and worthless. Usually, such a reaction first occurred in childhood, when we wanted attention, care, and protection, but the world could not give us this for various reasons. Our minds judged the events and facts going on around us not in our favor in order to protect us and formed negative beliefs that now limit us and our development.

Today I want to share with you one of the techniques for rewriting negative situations of the past and negative beliefs. This technique will require your time and quite a lot of handwriting. Please take only one negative situation of the past into work at a time. It is better to take an event that happened in your childhood since our standard reactions to similar situations come from childhood and are carried over into adulthood. But you can work on a situation that happened to you recently as well.

Before starting your rewriting practice, prepare two blank sheets of paper and a pen. Find a quiet and comfortable place where no one will disturb you. You can turn on relaxing music, light an aroma candle.

Let us get down into practice.

1. Take a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

2. Close your eyes and recall a situation from the past (for example, from childhood), when you felt rejected, misunderstood, invaluable when you felt hurt.

3. Open your eyes and describe the situation on paper. What exactly happened then? Where was it? Please describe in detail.

4. Now describe exactly how you felt at that moment when this situation occurred. What emotions did you experience?

5. When the negative situation happened, what did you decide about life/people? What conclusions did you draw then? What negative attitude did you develop as a result of the situation? Describe it.

Before we go any further, you should do a little meditation described below:

“Close your eyes, take a deep inhale, and exhale. Relax your body.

Imagine the situation you just described. Look at what is happening around from the side. Look at yourself from the side as well. See how that child (adult) - that is, you - is feeling in that situation. How do you feel about yourself in that situation now? Do you want to support yourself in that situation? If so, then approach yourself in that situation from the position of yourself as an adult, holistic, and happy person. Support yourself the way you want it. Maybe you want to hug yourself, maybe you want to say something important to yourself to provide support. And now that you have given protection, support, love to yourself in that situation, turn on your full imagination and create an alternative ending to that situation from the past. Feel free to use magic if you want. 😊 Change the situation the way you would like to see it. Boldly change the situation in meditation - you are the master of your thoughts and emotions. When the situation is resolved in the best way for you and you feel joy, happiness, and calmness - finish the meditation and open your eyes.

When you have completed your meditation, proceed to the second part of the practice.

1. Take the second blank sheet of paper and describe the situation from the past in a new way, as it happened in your meditation, with a new happy ending that you created in meditation.

2. How do you feel now when the situation has been resolved in your favor? What emotions are you experiencing now, thinking about the situation in a new way?

3. What do you think about life/people now? What new, positive beliefs have you formed after working on the situation through meditation?

Thank yourself for the work done.

I would recommend tearing the first sheet with a negative situation and throw it away, or you might even burn it if you can meet all the safety requirements 😊. I would also recommend reading the description of the new situation on the second sheet every day for a week.

Thus, you can rewrite various negative situations of the past, change standardized reactions to similar events in your life, becoming the master of your thoughts, emotions, and life.

Be healthy and happy!

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