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Revealing your true wishes

How often do we strive for something in life that is not our true wish? And we wonder why this wish is not fulfilled at our command. Perhaps this is just not your true wish, which comes from your heart. How to determine which wish comes from your heart, and which one comes from your ego, from the desire to conform to generally accepted standards or even surpass them?

I have prepared for you one meditation practice that will help you look into your inner world, into your subconscious, and connect with your emotions and feelings through the sensations in the body and the images that will come during this practice. Our body always shows us what is hidden deep inside us - in our subconscious. And the body is always honest with us - you just need to stop for a moment and listen to yourself.

Meditative Practice: Revealing your true wishes

Stage 1: Preparation

1. Find a place where you can be by yourself so that no one else distracts you.

2. Prepare the space in the room - you can turn on meditative music, and perhaps light candles (as an option) to tune in to the process of getting to know your inner world

3. Take some blank printer paper sheets and a pen.

4. On the first blank sheet of paper, write in large letters "Me today." On each subsequent sheet, write a wish. You can write your wish briefly, for example, "My wealth", "My happy relationship", "My future apartment", and so on, depending on your wishes. If this is the first time exploring your wishes, I recommend writing no more than four of them.

5. Place the sheets on the floor in your room in any order you want.

Stage 2: Practice

1. Stand on the “Me today” sheet. Close your eyes and connect with your body. What are the sensations in the body? Feel the breath, the heartbeat. How do you feel in the “Me today” position? What is your mood? From the position of "Me today" look towards your wishes (positions on the paper sheets). What do you feel about each wish?

2. Gradually walk to the sheet with the first wish. Close your eyes again and listen to the sensations in your body. What images are coming? When you are in the position of your first wish, how do you feel when that wish is being fulfilled? Do you feel joy and happiness? Or do you have fears and doubts? If negative emotions arise - you can take any object from the room, assign it as a “Healing resource”, put it on the sheet, and listen to the body again - are there any changes in your sensations, or emotions?

3. When you are ready, go to the next wish sheet and repeat step 2 for each next wish.

4. At the end, go back to the “Me today” position, connect with your body and look at all your wishes again. What feelings do they evoke? Has your attitude towards them changed? Have you received any insights about your wishes?

*You can determine by your sensations in the body whether a wish is genuine, coming from your heart or not. Often, genuine wishes correspond to a pleasant warmth, relaxation, and comfortable sensations in the chest and solar plexus. If a wish is not genuine, or there are many fears of achieving it, you might feel discomfort in the body. If you are attentive to your feelings, you will gradually learn to discern true wishes. You can use this practice as often as you like.

If you try this practice, tell us how it went in the comments!

If you are interested in practicing this meditation with me in a group online in Zoom - send me a direct message! I will be glad to answer your questions about the practice, and help you connect with your true self, reveal your true wishes, and release fears and doubts on the way to their realization!

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