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Polarities inside and out

Our world is made up of polarities. Day follows night, the sun gives way to the moon, joy turns to sadness, and back in a circle. Nothing is eternal in its state and all states are constantly changing. Even if we consider the state of happiness, it acquires different shades depending on the circumstances. The state of happiness from the fulfillment of a cherished dream is different from the state of happiness of observing nature. Exactly like the morning solar dawn is different from the scorching sun at its zenith.

At the same time, all these polarities are only sides of the same coin. We cannot fully live and feel only one polarity if we do not live the other. We cannot understand what day is unless we know what night is. We cannot know what happiness is unless we experience unhappiness. And when we live through both polarities, truly accept them in the world and in ourselves - we achieve integrity and harmony.

How to know your polarities and yourself better? Looking into your inner world. It is so rich and diverse that it can be studied forever, and your interest will only increase with time. In my work with the inner world of other people, I help them to know themselves and their inner world better, look into their depths and heal and harmonize what is ready for it. The study of the inner world begins with looking into the male and female energies within us - our most important polarity, in the unity and harmony of which we can find true happiness, independent of external circumstances.

This beautiful picture was drawn by a talented @illusionaldesignz. I see in it the harmony and beauty of combining male and female energies into a single whole. If you relax your eyes and look at the circle in the center, you will see the words. But they cannot be read if you look at them in the usual way. The willingness to see more in life and in yourself is the foundation of all positive change and is just the beginning of a wonderful lifelong journey.

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