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How to distinguish the true desire of your heart from the false desire of your ego?

On May 30, the new moon began - a great time for making and manifesting cherished wishes. I would assume that you have already known some practices with wishes like writing wish lists, meditating on them, or imagining that they have already been fulfilled. Sometimes wishes are fulfilled quickly, without much effort, and we enjoy the results. But in many situations, a wish never comes true, or after being fulfilled it brings disappointment rather than joy and happiness.

Why is that happening? It might be that in the first situation the wishes come from the heart and are for the benefit of future personal growth. In this situation, the world, and the events develop in such a way that a wish is fulfilled easily and in the best possible way. In the second case, it might be that desires are dictated by the ego.

The desires of the ego will never bring true happiness. Your ego is not the real you, but only your mask, created to protect you from the outside world’s challenges. If you look deeper through the defense mechanisms of your ego into your heart, you will recognize your true self with your true desires and aspirations. The logic may be wrong, but the heart knows the truth.

To distinguish the true desire of the heart from the false desire of the ego, you need to be able to listen to your true self. In the next post, I will share the meditation practice that will help you differentiate the voice of your heart from the voice of the ego.

In the meantime, if you like to share your experience of making the wishes and manifesting them. Do you practice any meditations that are aimed at fulfilling wishes?

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