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Dream big! Make wishes for 2021

Hello dear friends! The year 2020 is ending and the New Year 2021 is coming soon. For each of us, the outgoing year was unusual, not easy, I would say “with surprises”. We are all waiting for positive changes in the New Year and hope that it will be better than the previous one. No matter how we feel about the outgoing year, to ensure that the New Year 2021 is better, it is important to analyze and express our gratitude to 2020 (even if at first glance it seems to you that there is nothing to thank the 2020 year for). In order for miracles to happen in 2021 and your cherished desires come true, it is important to allow yourself to dream big.

1. Analyze 2020 and thank it

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place, turn on nice music, pour yourself hot tea or coffee, take a notebook and pen, and write down all the important events that happened to you in 2020. Write down all the key events, both positive and negative (all of them are valuable!). Now, next to each event, write - what new have you learned thanks to it? How did these events change you for the better? How did they help you become stronger? Which of the key events of 2020 are you truly grateful for? Thank them and mark them on your notebook.

2. Make wishes for 2021

What would you like to achieve in 2021? What wishes would you like to fulfill? Write a list of 100 wishes - dream boldly and confidently! Dream big! Let yourself dream! It is important to write the wishes, and not just keep them in your head. By handwriting on paper, you declare to the world your firm intention and determination to implement them! When you finish writing your wish list, you can surf the Internet and pick pictures that visually represent your most important wishes. Save the pictures in a separate folder on your computer and from time to time read your list and look at the pictures. So that the world creates wonderful new opportunities to make your wishes true.

Happy New Year 2021!

Be happy!

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