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Adore yourself! Or how essential oils help us stay healthy

Today I would like to write about aromatherapy, how a mix of essential oils can boost your mood and heal you, and about “Back to Your Soul” Project partner - ADORAtherapy.

I have been studying aromatherapy for some time already and know that different smells affect both our bodies and minds (which is scientifically proven).

Why do smells have such a great effect on us?

The reason is that perception of smells is our most ancient sense. Long before sight and hearing developed, the sense of smell already helped the first living creatures to survive. That is why smell centers are located in the most ancient part of the brain, right near the limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions. That is why different aromas cause certain emotions and associations. Knowing that and wisely using various essential oils in your practices, you can create positive emotions, better cope with stress, and even heal yourself. It is also important to use only natural essential oils, which are free of hazardous substances, as only those have a full range of healing properties.

ADORAtherapy has an amazing collection of handmade high-grade essential oils formulas with no unhealthy chemicals. Their aroma perfumes can lift your mood in the moment, allowing you to tap into your best self. The ADORAtherapy collection has three product sets: roll-on perfume oils (Chakra Boosts), clean perfume sprays (Mood Boosts), and room sprays (Room Boosts). In the photo, you can see me enjoying the Creativity Chakra boost 😊

The “Back to Your Soul” Project has several partners - you can learn more about them when you click a “Partners” link on this website.

Stay healthy and happy!


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