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What do you really get by doing yoga? Myths and Reality.

There is an opinion that yoga can quickly make us perfect - change our character, make us calmer, help get rid of negative habits, irritability, anger, and so on. It is believed that those who practice yoga are always happy, joyful, and content with life, and negative emotions never happen to them.

Yes, yoga does have a very positive effect on both our bodies and our mind. But I would like to emphasize here: the reality is that no one in our world is perfect and you should not expect the magical immediate effect of your inner transformation from the practice of yoga. Our work on ourselves and our character takes years. And the practice of yoga is one of the key tools that help us develop ourselves.

In today's post, I would like to write about what yoga really is about and what impact yoga can have on us.

Myth number 1: Yoga removes the ability to "get angry", "offended", "allow negative thoughts."

Reality: A yoga practitioner experiences the same range of emotions as a non-practitioner. All the feelings inherent in absolutely every person on this planet will remain the same - the reaction to them is modified since a yoga practitioner will eventually learn how to control his/her emotions and feelings. Yoga helps you become aware of your thoughts and let them go.

Myth # 2: Yoga will make me forgiving, generous, and loving all people.

Reality: Yoga will not give you those qualities. If you tend to react in a certain way to certain situations in life, these reactions will remain with you, but the work with the mind that yoga offers will allow you to see the reason for these reactions and, if you wish, to control them.

Myth # 3: Yoga will help me become perfect by removing negative character traits.

Reality: Yoga is a tool that helps you look at your true self, see yourself with all the traits of your personality - both good and bad. It allows you to look deep into your essence and reveal the true meaning of real aspirations. It develops only what is already there and what has always been within you.

Myth # 4: Yoga will help me stop my thoughts.

Reality: Our thoughts will not turn off, and there is no point in stopping this flow. It is important to be an outside observer of the thoughts and be able to let them go. Thanks to the practice of yoga, structure, and wholeness will appear in your thoughts, but the stream of thoughts itself will continue to move.

To conclude: Yoga is about you. It allows you to see your true self as you are here and now, at this very moment in time. Do not be afraid to meet your true self - it is only from this moment when your work on your self-development can really start.

Be happy!

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