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Recommendations for Regular Yoga Practice

How to start doing yoga and not quit the practice? Here are some tips to help you practice yoga regularly and stay motivated.

1. Define your goals

Before creating an intention to do yoga regularly, ask yourself - why do you want to practice yoga? What goals do you set for yourself? Have a healthy body? Improve body flexibility? Learn to relax? Learn to better control your thoughts and emotions? Thus, having a clear goal in front of you, you will be more motivated and able to track your progress from regular practices.

2. Consider how much time you can devote to yoga practice daily

Daily is the key word in this recommendation! It is better to practice for 10-20 minutes every day than for an hour, but only occasionally. Be honest with yourself and do not make commitments that will be difficult for you to fulfill over time.

3. Exercise at the same time

Choose the most convenient time for you to practice yoga and try not to change it. Personally, I do yoga in the morning 30 minutes after waking up. This will help you plan your day and eliminate the need to find time to practice yoga each time.

4. Create a comfortable space for yoga practice

In addition to having time and motivation, the space in which you do yoga is also important. It is important that you have enough space to do the asanas and that nothing distracts you from your practice. You can turn on pleasant music, light an aroma stick or aroma lamp, start the practice with a short meditation. All of this will help you prepare for the practice.

5. Give yourself a reward after practicing yoga

In order to develop a habit, in addition to the yoga practice itself, it is also important to give yourself a reward - to do something nice that will give you the motivation to repeat the practice. You can promise yourself a reward for doing the yoga practice continuously over a certain period of time. For example, go outdoors or buy yourself a new yoga T-shirt. If you need a reward every day to stay motivated, try doing something healthy and enjoyable for yourself, like drinking herbal tea or hot cocoa after yoga.

Hope you find these recommendations helpful! Enjoy your yoga practice!

Be healthy and happy!


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