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Higher than renunciation is indifference to the gunas [themselves]

Tat-param purusa-khyater guna-vaitrsnyam (in Sanskrit)

According to the Yoga Sutras, there are two levels of detachment or dispassion: indifference towards the sensual objects of the world and a higher level of detachment from stemming from indifference to the three gunas that are sattva”, lucidity, “rajas”, action, and “tamas”, inertia. Since the gunas of prakriti (the matter or the material part of the world, which is constantly changing) are from which all objects are made, whether physical or mental, matter, mind, and everything else in existence - except for the purusa, pure consciousness itself - are evolutes from prakriti when it is stirred by the gunas inherent in her. So indifference to all three gunas automatically includes indifference to all practiric objects external to pure consciousness (purusa, soul).

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