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Dispassion is the controlled consciousness of one who is without craving for sense objects

Drs tanusravika-visaya-vitrsnasya vasikara-samjna vairagyam (in Sanskrit)

As you remember from previous Sutras, the changing states of the mind can be stilled by the continuous yoga practice and dispassion. This sutra described “dispassion” or vairagyam in Sanskrit. According to Patanjali, dispassion is the absence of craving for sense objects or desires for example like food, drink, or power. True dispassion or detachment is achieved only when total indifference exists towards sense objects regardless of if they are available or unavailable. Any sensual gratification is only temporary and unfulfilling from an ultimate perspective. Therefore, according to the Yoga Sutras, it is more important to strive for detachment and the eternal experience of the soul, rather than the never-ending pursuit of temporary pleasure. If we are not in control of our desires, they control us. If we are indifferent to them, they are right under our control.

Stay healthy and happy.


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