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Benefits of Yoga Practice

As shown in previous posts, the ultimate goal of yoga is to take control of your mind and thoughts. To achieve this, we start by controlling our body and breathing with yoga postures, which also help us stay healthy.

These are the benefits that every yoga practitioner will tell you about. But what is the scientific evidence that yoga is good for us - our mind may ask.

In recent years, medical research has begun to look at the effects of yoga. Thus, Shavasana (or corpse posture) effectively reduces high blood pressure. Regular practice of asanas and pranayamas (yogic breathing) helps to increase lung capacity and breathing, reduce body weight, and improve the ability to withstand stress. As a result of constant yoga practice, including meditation, the natural systems of the body are stabilized and restored.

Yoga is a truly amazing practice that has proven its effectiveness as a curative and preventive remedy for thousands of years. And we are lucky that this practice is available to us!

Stay safe.


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