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Being a warrior: In yoga and in life

The practice of yoga is almost impossible without the warrior poses (or “Virabhadrasanas” in Sanskrit).

Warrior I, II, and III poses challenge and test us from the physical perspective, but in doing so bring us strength and focus. The powerful warrior stance helps us gain inner confidence and courage, letting us open to ourselves and others.

Humble Warrior, to the opposite, teaches us to surrender as we bow into the pose. Unlike the other warrior poses which open us up to the world, this forward bend variation allows us to draw our focus inwards.

Warrior poses teach us one of the key principles of yoga asana practice: the balance of steadiness and ease.

While we are in Warrior, we can practice dissolving tension from the body as we continue to hold certain muscles for stability and integrity within the pose. As a result, the Warrior practice helps us develop peace and stability in the uncomfortable moments of life.

In Warrior, we also train the mind to stay present and focused during difficult situations, as well as train our mind to relax and release the tensions we don’t need.

Use Warrior poses in the yoga practice to build the ability to find ease and stillness of mind regardless of the circumstances.

Be happy!


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